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No matter what your motor-driven challenge, there's an intelligent Unidrive M drive with the exact levels of functionality you need. A platform proven in applications ranging from the most basic AC motor control in simple conveyors and machines, to solving the most complex and precise variable speed and frequency motor control challenges. Easy to apply. Built to last. Flexible. Scalable. Economical.

Simple set-up. Flawlessly functional.

Our general purpose AC variable speed drives don't require a specialist to install them. In fact, we designed them to be quickly installed with little or no training to get you up and running in minutes. You get a robust, reliable VSD solution with a wide range of scalable capabilities and voltages. 

See the features. Get the specs.

A rugged AC drive base platform with easy keypad accessible parameters and quick set-up for general open loop industrial automation applications.


Builds on the M100 features, adding integrated PLC functionality, fieldbus or Ethernet communications modules, plus RFC-A high performance motor control.


All the features of the M200, plus dual Safe Torque Off (STO) inputs to integrate directly with safety systems and provide SIL3/PLe conformity.


Our full-featured general purpose drive adds enhanced diagnostics and easier configuration via the plain text, 3-line multi-language LCD display.


0.33 hp-200 hp (0.25-132 kW)
115 V / 200-240 V / 380-480 V / 575 V / 690 V

0.33 hp-10 hp (0.25-7.5 kW)
115 V / 200-240 V / 380-480 V

0.33 hp-200 hp (0.25-132 kW)
115 V / 200-240 V / 380-480 V / 575 V / 690 V

0.33 hp-200 hp (0.25-132 kW)
115 V / 200-240 V / 380-480 V / 575 V / 690 V

Unidrive M. From simple to complex. A drive for every application.
Step up to the drive functionality you need.

M100 Case StudyM200 Case StudyM300 Case StudyM400 Case Study

Fast set-up. Seamless integration. No specialist knowledge required.

Complimentary drive programming software.
No fees. No subscriptions. No kidding.

Challenge accepted.

Unidrive M delivers the technology, features and application assistance to solve your toughest challenges including advanced motion and machine control.

Machine Control Studio lets you leverage the onboard PLC in M200-M400 drives.

Free application consultation.

24/7 technical support.

Step-by-step tutorials and videos.

The smallest drives in their class.
Available in a choice of frame sizes,
from Size 1 to Size 9.

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